Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 8: 5 Current Goals

5: Move into our new place, and settle in.

My brother, roommate and I have spent a good year together and our lease will be up incredibly soon. February 3rd will come and that is when we need to get out. Aric will be moving 30minutes away and Suzanne and I are hopefully moving downtown. My goal is to get the majority of my stuff packed by the 31st when I'll be getting my wisdom tooth removed. Hopefully if I don't get it done before then, I'll be able to continue to pack by the time we get out. When we get moved in, I hope to finally be able to settle in and enjoy what time we have left. Crossing fingers.

4: Get "Rainbow Slices" illustrated, revised, edited, & published.

It took me 2 years to complete writing this poetry compilation. This 3-part compilation contains 24 poems to break the stigma around self-harm while giving hope for recovery. The imagery and analogies are based on rainbows as a way to remind recovery warriors of God's promise to remain by our side and turn bad to good for the sake of His children. And to remind us that no matter what your background, your life  can become a testimony and can help others with their struggles. It helped me with my recovery so much and I hope it helps others. But my goal now is to draw and illustrate it based on each poem and in the style of is book cover, edit the poems to be grammatically correct and to publish it by the end of the year or so...

Poetry by Ari Persephone Scriptsmith about overcoming self-harm #breakthestigma #breakthrough #christian #colors #colours #cutter #faith #hope #illness #mental #mentaldisorder #mentalhealth #mentalillness #overcoming #plethora #poems #poetry #rainbow #recovery #recoverywarrior #savior #saviour #selfharm #selfharmawareness #slices

3: Get people to join my Christian discord server.

After joining so many church groups and Christian online chatrooms, and being mistreated or having the worst assumed of me, I decided it was high time to build a group that was a sanctuary for those who have mental illness and enjoyed hobbies such a furries. I've finished building it, and creating a safe environment for these people. But for now, I only got 1 person to join and my goal is to get 50 people to join, to get 5 admins, and to keep it active. Ye Ragamuffin & Warrior Tavern has channels for: 1.) Fun 2.) Faith and Political Discussion 3.) Mental Health Ministries 4.) Writers, Artists, and Musicians 5.) Furries 6.) Homeschoolers (COMING SOON)! Please feel free to join! Help me reach my down, 1 person down, 49 more to go!

2: Exercise more often and get back down to 197lbs.

Once I get moved out, I am gonna exercise more, take walks, lift weights, jump rope, play kinect, and eat Gluten Free, low-carb, fresh vegetables, no cane sugar or artificial sweeteners and replace it with agave, stevia and honey. My goal is to get back down to 197lbs and be able to be healthy enough to have my monthly again. My health has been deteriorating quickly and I don't want that anymore.

1: Reach my 2 year mark since I last cut.

Before now, I had reached 1 year and 7 months before relapsing and now that I am 25 days away from 1 and a half year, I'm truly looking forward to hitting my 2nd year! I'm going to spend my time using these 10 main coping skills to get there....

a.) Journaling, drawing, blogging etc.
b.) Be a part of a mentorship program for support groups.
c.) fitness, healthy eating and dance.
d.) essential oils, incense and candles.
e.) Read Scripture and study politics, history, science, psychology, philosophy, foreign languages, and Language Arts.
f.) gamified apps and sites for writing, fitness, mental health, habits etc.
g.) music, whether creating it or listening. Always a main coping skill after all.
h.) fursuiting, cosplaying, and make-up
i.) continue making book covers and commission artwork to sell.
j.) wear comforting clothes like a sweater, hoodie, or arm warmers.

0:  [BONUS GOAL] Finish my resource series on LIGHTforMI

I'm writing a 10-part series that I am calling Resources of Recovery. And as the title suggests, I’m have been gathering resources that have helped me with my recovery or that I think may help others with theirs. In this collection of parts, I have been giving a short summary of whatever I’m covering and why I believe they help. I'm writing part two at the moment which is about shows, movies, and books that either got mental illness right or promotes mental health and illness.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Classy Tags -- Fursonas and Mun Answer Questions

Things written in here are colour coded as a way to distinguish who is saying what. Mun is obviously Ari Schaffer or Mari Fahel McKimzey (that is myself) 
Agan is based on member at ages 18-21 when I conformed much to a former friend's ideals and hobbies and likes. 
Misty is based on me right now. 
Penny is based on me at 15-18 
Aisling is based on me at 12-15 

Q - (Warrior): What’s your weapon of choice?

Either a warhammer, axe or claymore. 
Bow and arrows 
A staff, please! 
A simple sgian dubh will do for me thanks. 

Q- (Paladin): What’s something you believe very strongly in? 

I'm a Christian-- more specifically an Anglican-- and really seeps into my characters. But each of my characters is based on certain points in my life, so a few of them believe things I used to believe. 
I, too am a Christian with the ministry of casting out the demonic forces. [Luke 10:19]
I am a Christian as well, a ragamuffin, healer, with the goal to help others find peace and the freedom to struggle, rather than struggling to be free. [Matthew 5:3-5] [Galatians 6:2]
Newly found Christian, finding my courage in Him and trying to seek Him in all things [2 Timothy 17] [Isaiah 41:10] [Matthew 7:7]
Raised in faith and truly wanting to testify it abroad and become a missionary [Acts 20:24]

Q- (Hunter): Your favourite animal? 

Cats and platypuses mostly, including wild cats hehe! :) Which is why I chose my fursona species. Agan in a Scottish fold cat, Misty although mythical, is a gryphon. Penny is a platypus. and Aisling is a calico caticorn.. 

Q - (Rogue): What’s something you’d only do if you were offered a large sum of money to do it?

Ride the Tower of Terror from Disney World for anyone other than my sister.
Letting go of blacksmithing for any length of time
Not flying for a day or not listening to music for a day
Being anywhere near a mall or a stage
Listening to heavy metal xP

Q - (Priest): Confess something embarrassing or silly that you’ve never told your followers before! (Maybe it’s just subtle mind control…)

Wrote the most embarrassing poetry that my parents refuse to let me trash
I used to be very uninformed about my beliefs and I regret things I used to claim as truth.
My favourite thing to do is to watch girly children shows
I once squeaked for five minutes on stage, stutter and breathe like Darth Vader in the mic when singing or performing on stage.
I used to be obsessed with butterflies and people still send me butterfly stuff thinking I'm still obsessed with them

Q- (Death Knight): Have you ever been forgiven for something you were sure would be the last straw?

Hasn't everyone?
yeahhh *shifting weight*

Q - (Shaman): Would you favour Earth, Fire, Water, or Air?

Water... because persistent
Fire... because blacksmith
Air... because flight
Water... because swimming

Q - (Mage): What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school?

Language Arts is my fave... Math is my least
History and Art are my favourites and Math is my least favourite
Science-- specifically metorology, astronomy, oceanography and psychology; Social science and math is my least
Music and Math are my faves and social science is my least
Language Arts is my fave and math is my least

Q - (Warlock): If you had the chance to control another person’s actions for the day, with no direct consequences, would you do it?

Why would I do that?
uhh... nope
maybe... but only to my enemies, to embarrass them >:-)

Q - (Monk): When’s a time you were patient with someone, even though you didn’t want to be?

When I was hurt by the Church
When many of my friends lied to me
When an acquainced forced friendship on me
When family was manipulative and secretive about stuff that had to do with my friends
Pretty much always

Q - (Druid): Would you align yourself with the Claw, Grove, Talon, Fang, Antler, Saber, or Scythe? Or would you remain a Druid of the Wild?

Druid of the Wild

Q - (Demon Hunter): To what extent do you believe the end can justify the means?

Only when honesty is harsh. Or when lying to the a corrupt government to protect lives. No wrong or evil can justify the means.
Like she said^ 
Too true
I completely agree

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 7 - Top 5̶ 10 Favourite Songs (and why...)

10: "Set Apart This Dream" by: Flyleaf

Hard rock has not always been a favourite of mine. As a child and young teenager I was truly into the  folk, hip-hop, pop side of CCM. That is until I met my best friend at the time... She and I were radio show hosts, together in our podcast called Jesus Freaks... Our first episode was the introduction to Flyleaf. "Cassie" played on our playlist and I was introduced to the world of metal and hard rock. My best friend wasn't the only one to introduce me to my now, favourite music genre. But other close friends were influencing my style of music as well. However, it was my best friend who showed me Flyleaf...

I have listened to all of the Flyleaf albums, intensely. And after years of that, I have connected to this song. Suicide and depression and conflict is my day to day existence and I found my comfort in this song. It has given me hope and helped me to believe in the supernatural and the afterlife of Heaven. As I've said before, the spirit of conflict lingers in my home. Some of it, admittedly is my own fault, but some not so much. Shame is a two-sided blade here. Guilt for what I had done and even guilt that was unrighteously shoved on me. This line was my help in that; "You build your castles in the skies; Stars reflecting off your eyes, And angels sing on silver clouds, And no one cries screams or shouts"

Suicide and depression have pressured me all my life. I have OD'd, considered hanging, and even self-harmed many years of my life. But to know there is hope even for me and that I'm not beyond repair is amazing. And if I just overcome this pain there will be a prize worth more than any gold... "Close your eyes pretty girl; Cause it's easier when you brace yourself. Set your thoughts on a world far off; Where we only cry from joy! Oh set apart this dream; Set apart this dream for me. Oh lovely and beautiful; Precious and priceless. You're so much more than you know. Heart of the purest gold. Pure clean and white snow. Clothed in such splendor. Oh, what a beauty for me."

9: "Still Breathing"  by Veridia

I was introduced by iTunes suggestions to this band, I believe. It was an instant fave for me. And I truly wish they put out more. The music, at least for me is upbeat, convicting, and therapeutic. The beats and tunes are like a war song and anthem for the discouraged and is very profound. The lyrics of their music has inspired many of my poems and stories. My favourite songs by them were "Disconnected", "Mechanical Planet", "Pretty Lies", "At the End of the World", "Cheshire Smile", "I Won't Stay Down", "Reckless", and "Still Breathing". If you like Alternative, Electronic, and Pop-styled rock, this is a very unique band which I would definitely suggest.

This particular song was encouraging to me because when I was depressed, it was one of the most comforting songs through my stress. I ended up being able to express my true emotions just by quoting these lyrics or sharing the song itself. The beauty of this song is it speaks to, encourages, and even strengthens the will of many struggling with suicidal thoughts. I've found that my mental health and mood has vastly improved while listening to its lyrics saying, "I'm still breathing Blood is burning in my veins I wanna feel the pain You're still healing Every moment, every day Is a gift you gave I can't believe I'm still breathing Turn the light off Let the monsters come I'm not gonna be afraid  Cause I know that I'm not alone I've got giants on my side"

8: "Jee Veerey" by: Bloodywood

I found this song while scrolling through Facebook one day. It's the only song by them that I'm really interested in, but it doesn't make the lyrics any less beautiful. The music has combined my favourite instrument of all time, an instrument that I, myself play-- the Scottish Tin Whistle (aka penny whistle), along with one of my favourite genres, metal, along with the message behind the music being my life's goal to spread: "Jee Veerey" means "live, brave one". Suicide may sound like the only route, but I truly believe there is hope even in the darkest of times.

"Walk this valley of death, head high. Say I'll be back, today I won't die. 'Cause try as we may, we can never deny; We can get back up if we're still alive. [Only after enduring the tests of fire, iron is forged. Live, brave one, fight those internal storms and; Win, brave one, weather those wounds and rise once again; fly once again for too long you've lay in darkness]"

Out of the many songs I've listened to covered by this band, this one stood out the most. An original by them, they truly covered a deep and difficult topic and made it beautiful at the same time. Many think musically they had a lot of room to improve, but I believe they did it immaculately. I feel that they should truly make more music like this and maybe they will one day, but right now, I think they did a wonderful job with what they had...

7:  "Breaking Free" by: Skillet

Skillet was one of my first introductions to Christian hard rock. A truly passionate and deep band that has always spoken to me in my darkest times. I forget who exactly introduced me to their music, however it may have been a mix of my bestie, Savvy and my close friend, Mandie. For many years, this band has written lyrics and tuns that I've always connected to. "Rebirthing", "The Last Night", "Falling Inside the Black", "Whispers in the Dark", "Open Wounds", "Saviour", "Forsaken", "Hero", "Monster", "Forgiven", "Never Surrender", "Dead Inside", "Would it Matter?", "Rise", "Circus For a Psycho", "American Noise", "Salvation", "Freakshow", "I Want to Live", "Stars", "The Resistance" and "Out of Hell" are only a few of my many favourites by this amazing band.

And like many of their beautiful music, "Breaking Free" truly was inspiring and encouraging to my soul. Freedom from darkness or perhaps abuse is a focal point of the lyrics. Whatever the message it still has to do with freedom. When I listen to it, it makes me feel stronger, more courageous and able to break free from any chain through Jesus Christ. Whether the chain be abuse, depression, fear, opinions, or whatever; it shines the light of hope into that darkness... "I will break, breaking free, coming alive. I broke these chains, never be afraid; Never be afraid to live my life. Break, breaking free on last time. No matter what they say I will never change And I know I can break. Break; I will break! I will break! Look, out I'm breaking free. Breaking, breaking; This is freedom; this is freedom. I am breaking free!"

6: "Secret Weapon" by: Disciple

Same as Skillet, Disciple was yet another one of my first introductions to my love for hard rock. Their war-march-styled rock brought courage to my life and helped me through my most fearful moments. My favourite albums being Attack, Horseshoes & Handgrenades, Long Live the Rebels, O God Save Us All, Scars Remain, and Vultures. I always enjoyed listening to it to inspire my writings and character biographies, and help me build my world. Not only this, but also to help build my own self through the lessons and verses they sang in their songs.

"Secret Weapon" was no different. The lyrics in the song spoke on what my faith truly means to me. The message within it was perseverance through persecution for our faith. "Break me down and bury my face I'm a time-bomb ready to detonate Leave me in ashes I'll rise up in flames You can knock me out Destroy my name But my power it comes from a higher place And my weaknesses just make me stronger My weaknesses will make me stronger"

5: "Foreigner" by: Ledger

It was quite easy to find LEDGER as she is the drummer for Skillet. She started her own project and it was a beautiful combination of electronic, rock and pop. Quite refreshing after all the hard rock I've listened to. Her style, at least to me, was unique and beautiful and as there hasn't been much made, my favourite songs are few... "Warrior", "Foreigner", "Not Dead Yet", and "Bold". Listening to these songs was therapeutic, and calming.

"Foreigner" was my top favourite. The lyrics being a sober tune with childhood rhymes mixed in was a creative way of writing the verse in my opinion. I especially enjoyed the lyrics: "Τhe feast is set before me Αnd the plates are platinum Βut all I taste is ashes and my lips are turning numb Τhe smiles in the beauty and the promises Ι see Glοry, hallelujah never said it came fοr free Ring arοund the roses Ι see through yοur poses Αshes tο ashes Ιt all comes falling dοwn Ι thought I would belong right here When Ι was younger Βut there's something in the atmοsphere Whispers οf wοnder"

4: "Lifeline" by: Thousand Foot Krutch

Another band that influenced my love for Christian hard and alternative rock was Thousand Foot Krutch. For a long time it was tied in first place with Skillet, before I was introduced to Memphis May Fire and Wolves at the Gate. It is truly impossible to list the many songs I've enjoyed most so I might as well list by albums because they are one of those bands where I love all the songs in each of their albums. The End is Where We Begin, Oxygen; Inhale, Exhale, The Flame in All of Us, Metamorphosiz: The End Remixes Vol. 1 & 2, and Welcome to the Masquerade albums have always been a favourite and every year they make another album it is better than the one before...

And like many of their songs, "Lifeline" truly helped me cope with my anger, depression and anxiety. It's helped me to acknowledge that I don't have to be perfect or to fake my way and it's okay to express weakness. It gave me the opportunity to be honest about where I was emotionally, in which I have had struggled to be for a very long time. Having that chance to sing it out and express that yes; "When I get angry, I feel weak; And hear these voices in my head; Telling me to fall beneath. 'Cause they'll make everything okay. How did I get here? Everything's unclear. I never meant to cause you pain. Give me a reason I can believe in. I need it all this time. Send me a lifeline" Because it is truly okay to ask for help. It's okay to show weakness. It's okay to struggle.

3: "Virus" by: Memphis May Fire

Where do I begin? Memphis May Fire truly, truly struck close to home and I love their music mainly because I don't feel so alone when I listen their songs like "Beneath the Skin", "Sleepless Nights", "That's Just Life", "Live it Well", "Letting Go", "Live Another Day", "Heavy is the Weight." I truly enjoyed the melodic metalcore style of their music but most of all, I loved his passion and convicting lyrics that encouraged you to seek Christ and to remain alive even throughout suicidal thoughts.

"Virus" was very nearly the same and came across as the emotions that came with toxic relationships. It helped me specifically when I had to cut off or cope with the emotions after cutting off a toxic relationship. It was rough but it put words in my own mouth and that was something important to me... "Virus! Your make me question if I want it to exist You were the venom in my veins But now I see the truth The enemy was you That time will come but not today Because I know When I fight I remember why I'm still alive I'm holding onto what is left inside Cause you're just a virus and I didn't come here to die."

2: "Kick the Habit" by: Eleventyseven

I started listening to Eleventyseven when my close friend, Mandie introduced me to it. Eleventyseven started their band in my home county. Their music always inspired me. "Appalachian Wine", "Give it up", "Divers in a Hurricane", "And I'm a Mormon", "Book of Secrets" "Trying" and " Like You Rock" are only a few favourite songs by them. After a while they stopped putting out albums while the head singer formed a new project The Jellyrox. He put out "Embellish EP", "Heta Himlen", and "Bang & Whimper" and we didn't get anything from Elventyseven until... 2017. This song was one of the first I heard on the album. And it was instantly my favourite song. As is well known about me, I am a recovery warrior. This song is like telling the story of recovery, which is why I so love this song.

"I should know by now when I'm kicking the habit; The habit kicks back" this line has reminded me to not be so hard on myself when quitting an addiction. It's hard to kick a habit as it is. When you fight, it'll return a punch. That's why when letting go of things like that, you have to be forgiving of yourself when you fail. Because it is simply a lesson to what doesn't work, and all we have to do is aim for it again. I know it can be discouraging when the addiction kicks back, but my advice to everyone-- including myself-- is to remember that you may have been knocked down, but you're not out... Take this time to strike another blow. Which is the message I heard in the song, I dunno, maybe I read too much into it, but that's alright.

1: "Grave Digger" by: Wolves at the Gates

Many years ago, my friend Mandie, introduced me to the wonderful world of Metalcore. By giving me the song, "Safeguards" by Wolves at the Gate. For many years, the lovely melodic intensity of their particularly unique style in metalcore made Wolves at the Gate one of my new top two favourite bands. And that hasn't changed in these past 5 years. Their eccentric and uplifting sound and message still resonates in the songs. And I will always enjoy that. My favourites by them through the years are "Safeguards", "Slaves", "Man of Sorrows", "The Bird and the Snake", "The Father's Bargain", "Oh the Depths", "Lowly", and finally the song, above, "Grave Digger"

"And a haunting voice demands and craves (That in its depths a body lays) I feel its cry inside my soul (That I could never fill this hole) My work and toil leave only room (For coffins, graves, and deathly tombs)" I find this line one of the most moving lyrics I have ever heard. The depth of it and honesty is very heartfelt. When I first listened to it, I was stirred to the core. I knew how it felt because I've felt it in my recovery, I felt it in my faith. But in the end of the song, after all those earth-shaking verses, they added hope in it ; "How wondrous the sight that had caused these eyes to weep All of my death and hell You would bear and reap Though all that I made was a terrible cold grave In death there You laid, for You took my place to save my soul"

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Furry Tag -- Aarin Style

What is the name of your fursona? 
Misty Aarin

Where did the name of your fursona come from?
It's a combination name to my pseudonym for writing. "Mari" Misty because it starts with "M" and because I am quite fond of a film from my childhood-- The Apple Dumpling Gang. The character she's based on, Misty, who takes in the children and main characters after they were sent to her town. I always loved that character and thus, named my fursona after her. In the case of Aarin, it was was simply "Aari" so it would look like M. Aari. But I thought adding an "n" would give it an unique sound to it and it combined part of my real name to it.

What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?
Gryphon. Simply because the meaning of my nickname "Ari"-- "lion" in Hebrew and "eagle" in Scandavian.

What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/etc
Hair: Mahogany
Fur: golden brown
Feathers: Brown
Eyes: violet and gold

What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality? She is brave, compassionate, an old soul, and always sticking out for the underdog. She wants to use the powers she's been given to heal, soothe and bring everyone to find the brave and compassionate side of them as well. She is married to a (Shape)Shifter  dragon who, with the help of his shapeshifting abilities helped concieve a dragonic gryphon child whom they named Recovery Cahira (which means recovery warrior) in honour of the time her parents had to persevere through her pregnancy with Ree... The backstory and characteristics of Misty (and Ree as well) were based around my life story and personality.

What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?
Bow and arrows, courage shield pendent, panpipe, Scottish tin whistle, ocarina, violin, a magical pen that channels all her powers of music and creativity to create peace, healing and bring worlds of fiction to existence, and a side pouch that she holds those things and her medical equipment in

What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?
"I love your eyes and your wings, can ye take me for a flight?"

What is one thing your fursona would say to you if you could meet?
She'd be half-modest about it, tell a bit too much about her powers within her eyes. Then she'd blush and chuckle, embarrassedly and ramble; "Oh these? yeah they're what manifest my powers heh heh heh....and sure... no problem there, let's have fun in the clouds."

How has your fursona changed over the years?
My first time becoming a furry was a sham. I didn't know what the hell I was doing, she started out as an orindary calico cat who simply loved the idea of creating stories and art... I still have that one as a separate fursona, but that one once was simply a highly emotional human girl who was sorta my emotional and evil (more impulsive that is, but I thought it was evil at the time) based side... turned her into a cat then a caticorn, but when I chose my gryphon, she was based on the idea of my halflings from Scarlet Redemption and Forgiver's Vow... and my love for gryphons-- not to mention on my own nickname, Ari... but it took so long to flesh her out before creating her and I've only had this particular fursona for about 1 to 2  years.... haha!

How long have you had this fursona?
As I said above, 1 to 2 years. The idea came in 2014 or 2015 but, the character herself was made in 2016 or 2017.

Would you like to be more like your fursona?
Yup, because I really don't feel as courageous or compassionate as she is....

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 6 - What Are You [Most] Afraid Of?

I will be sharing 4 types of fears that I struggle with. My phobias, insecurities, and my greatest fear, and my anxiety disorders.


an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
  1. claustrophobia: extreme or irrational fear of confined places.
  2. Nyctophobia: is a phobia characterized by a severe fear of the dark. It is triggered by the brain's disfigured perception of what would, or could happen when in a dark environment.
  3. bathophobia: an extreme or irrational fear or phobia of depths
  4. Acrophobia: an extreme or irrational fear or phobia of heights, especially when one is not particularly high up
  5. Sedatephobia: an extreme or irrational fear or phobia of silence


uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence.

  • useless
  • ugly
  • fat
  • worthless
  • nobody cares
  • I won't amount to anything
  • am I a coward?
  • stupid
  • unwanted
  • weak
  • wondering if people are right to call me a narcissist
  • nothing more than a liar and manipulator?
  • people secretly wish I were dead
  • everyone would be better off without me...

Most Afraid Of

feeling fear or anxiety; frightened.

My greatest and most relevant fear of all is abandonment but also to make new friends.

Anxiety Disorders


This has nothing to do with today's post-birthday challenge, but I do intend to participate in this challenge in October. Some of the challenges were borrowed from others, while others were created by me...

Inktober: 31 Days of Gryphons

  1. Draw your favourite kind of gryphon (or your character if you have one)
  2. Now draw that gryphon in reverse (switch halves. For example, if it’s an eagle front/lion back make it a lion front/eagle back)
  3. Choose 5 expressions of emotion to draw your gryphon oc with.
  4. Now draw your gryphon as a different fantasy creature (what would it look like as a dragon, pegasus, or something else?)
  5. Choose your favourite feline and bird to create a new gryphon.
  6. As a character in your favourite cartoon! (Or video game or TV show)
  7. Then choose two favourite cartoon characters (a bird and cat) to draw as a gryphon.
  8. Draw it in an embarrassing situation
  9. As an adorable widdle baby gryphon (Note: this may apply to #5  as well... did I just say ‘widdle’?)
  10. In it’s favourite place in the world (Maybe under its favourite tree, or overlooking the mountains)
  11. Create a weird combo gryphon (such as road runner/iguana, or penguin/seal. Be creative!)
  12. Do a Time Warp of your gryphon (from egg, hatchling, fledgling, teenager, adult)
  13. Create a trading card about your gryphon oc.
  14. Draw a map of where your gryphon came from.
  15. Now draw your gryphon as an athro/furry. (Use one of your favourite selfies as inspiration for a drawing of your gryphon.)
  16.  Draw your gryphon oc in different animation styles.
  17. Draw a comic strip featuring your gryphon oc.
  18. Choose another different fantasy creature to draw your gryphon oc as
  19. Choose your favourite feline and bird to create another new kind of gryphon.
  20. Choose another character in your favourite cartoon to draw your gryphon as! (Or video game or TV show)
  21. Then choose two favourite cartoon characters (a bird and cat) to draw as a gryphon.
  22. Choose another different fantasy creature to draw your gryphon oc as
  23. Choose your favourite feline and bird to create another new kind of gryphon.
  24. Choose another character in your favourite cartoon to draw your gryphon as! (Or video game or TV show)
  25. Then choose two favourite cartoon characters (a bird and cat) to draw as a gryphon.
  26. Choose another different fantasy creature to draw your gryphon oc as
  27. Choose your favourite feline and bird to create another new kind of gryphon.
  28. Choose another character in your favourite cartoon to draw your gryphon as! (Or video game or TV show)
  29. Then choose two favourite cartoon characters (a bird and cat) to draw as a gryphon.
  30. Draw your gryphon oc as they get ready for Halloween. (what do they like to do for Halloween? Party? Trick-or-treat? etc
  31. Draw your gryphon oc in their Halloween costume

Sources: The Gryphon Meme by: windfalcon, Do the Time Warp: Gryphon Edition. And just random ones I made up and also put on repeat.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 5 - My Proudest Moment[s]

I apologize for the late update, but I will continue this challenge, even if it is for the most part late... It doesn't have to be always on time...

My proudest moment in life in general...

The day I hit my one-year mark from cutting on August 31, 2016 was the first time I went an entire year without it. It was an amazing feeling having that freedom from a chain I designed for myself. I had never thought that I'd make it to this point, this was the chain. Not the self-harming itself... So having accomplished that was amazing, it set me free from the low expectations of my own mental ability. But the truly proudest moment in my life wasn't simply that... 

But picking back up my recovery after relapsing 7 months later.... Although, I was ashamed I didn't give up on my recovery.... So truly? I am proud of the up and even the downs of my recovery. The fight never being over is what defines who I am. I am a recovery warrior and proud of that.

The proudest moment in my writing...

When I completed the first poetry compilation on April 19, 2018. I felt like I accomplished something great. Having written poetry about the story of my recovery, and how I believe that my faith and persevering will end in light and joy.

Christianity was a big part of my recovery and gave me a reason to press on in a world that hated me. But the most important part of the compilation to me was how each and every colour in it is expressed with a beautiful meaning.

Soon I hope to illustrate for it as I have with the cover. But being able to complete the first draft not only was the proudest moment in my writing but it was also the inspiration to make it the most beautiful artistic book that people will look at as an expression of hope, joy and love. I want to edit and revise it and then publish it with my art to unveil it to a broken and dark world.... That will be my proudest moment once I complete that...

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 4 - Dream Job

There are many jobs I truly want as a  Jill-of-all-trades, however, my main dream job is writing. As I've had this hobby as long as I can remember and I've honed my skills in it since I was a teen. ( And in honour of this post I'll be doing a...

Bonus: 20 Questions for Writers!!

Q: How much of the world around you is reflected in your work and in what way? (Thoughts, moments, impressions, moods, landscapes, objects, people, scenes…)
A: My Christian faith, my heritage, especially my Celtic heritage, the nature trail/woods, willows, and field by my apartment, my daddy's Jesus painting, and  my experience with mental illness.

Q: What is one thing you absolutely can’t do without in your writing?
A: Music. Especially Celtic or Metal.

Q: What are your favourite clichés?
A: Deaths before that character wakes back up, with a happy ending or beginning as it may be.

Q: What clichés do you hate the most?
A: The significant other keeping secrets from their significant other before and after proposal out of fear of disappointing them only to find that they'd not care had they told

Q: You need to come up with a title for your work. How to approach the grievous task?
A: Base it on the inspiration of a song or on something I wrote in it

Q: Tell us about the things you love best in worldbuilding.
A: 1) drawing the maps/flags 2) making up names for countries/people/towns 3) making creatures/races

Q: When you choose a new book, what do you look for?
A: Typically fantasy in other worlds and based in the real world. I enjoy dragon rider books, guardian-themed books, superhero, and dystopian, post-apocolyptic, etc.

Q: What are your literary inspirations?
A: Donita K. Paul's books, Melanie Dickerson's books, JK Rowling's books, and LOTR, Narnia

Q: What are your real-life inspirations?
A: Michael Card, Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller, Bonifacio Tuzan Fahel Jr. (RIP Dear Papa Bud), My Parents (Valerie Fahel-Schaffer & Greggory Schaffer), Bethany Hamilton, Rich Mullins, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Cassie Bernall, Rachel Scott, Corrie Ten Boom, Trevor McNevan, Nathan Feuerstein, Chris Greenwood, Martin Luther, Vincent Van Gogh, and Brian Hardin, Lottie Moon, Job, King David, Saint Patrick, Tim Hawkins, Queen Esther, Tobymac, Michael Tait, Robin Williams, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Alex and Brett Harris, Saint Peter(Simon Peter), Kevin Max, Brennan Manning and Mother Teresa.

Q: Are you the kind of writer who overshares about every little thing or do you keep it all under wraps till it’s done?
A: I am often doing both of these and but it depends on my mindset.

Q: What’s the easiest character for you to write?
A: Morwynne Gael

Q: One thing you are pretty proud of - your style, a work, a scene, a character?
A: I am quite proud of having completed this poetry book, Rainbow Slices and the work I put in it to be unique

Q: Do you read out loud to yourself as you write just to gauge the feeling of it?
A: Yes. Sometimes.

Q: How has your writing changed throughout the years?
A: It's more poetic, more flowing and unique and original than when I started.

Q: What’s the most difficult thing for you to write?
A: Mystery and realistic fiction

Q: Share a happy memory related to your writing.
A: The happiest memory I can share was when I recieved this dedication on Wattpad:
It was a major encouragement for me as I was going through a lot when it came to my faith.

Q: Is there anything you wanna share with the class? Advice? A funny anecdote?
A: Writing is an amazing coping skill. My advice is for people to try it at least once before shooting the idea down. And for writers, the best advice I can give is to keep writing. You wanna improve? Write. You need to break writer's block? Write. Any problems a writer has with writing I believe can be fixed if you simply write haha

Q: How do you come up with new story ideas?
A: music, base it on an analogy of my life etc.

Q: What’s your ideal writing space? Share all about this fantasy of yours!
A: 1) Notebook.ai 2) Wattpad.com 3) at my computer desk in my little corner

Q: Tell us a cool fact about one of your works or your characters.
A: The Brave was based on my surroundings and my experience with demons and what pushed me away from it. Also, the bases were inspired by places I lived in and the idea of how they were most of the time seclusive and felt like their own little world

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 3 - Favourite Quote(s) [and why...]

Christians misrepresent God so much that we don't know who He is anymore. For the same God who created the heavens and the earth is also the One who gave His life in the most humiliating and painful way possible. And the same God who showed compassion for the repentant sinner is also the one who turned over the tables of the unrepentant sinners. This is why I love this quote. It paints the beauty of a righteous God and also the merciful God... He is not tamed. But He is good.
As Picasso once said; "Ah, good taste! What a dreadful thing! Taste is the enemy of creativeness." And as a Christian I've always known God was the Creator of Creativity. He is the ultimate up-cycler. And He's remade me more times than I give Him credit for., regrettably. This expressed the reason I love my God. For;  l'amour de dieu est folie (the love of God is folly). His ways aren't my ways. His ways aren't man's ways. And I'm glad for that.
In 2014, I listened to Brian Hardin's dailyaudiobible. And was going through a very difficult in my life. Each day of doing so, I'd get the message that I needed that today, almost every day. And this quote was no exception. I typed it down to remember and it stuck with me ever since. It has helped me through my recovery and that is the reason I love it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 2 - 2̶0̶ 25 Facts About You

I'm changing the "20 Facts About You" into the number of my age just to make it more fun!

  1. I love every colour equally. They each have a reason to be loved, however I have a soft spot for violet. 
  2. Also, colours each have a special meaning to me emotionally and spiritually. And my dress style expresses those meanings.
  3. I love dragons a lot and stuff but they have been overrated. I truly believe it's the gryphons' turn to have recognition. Because, they are so underrated.
  4. I love to play MUD/MMORPG games such as VMK, GaiaOnline, Roblox, Wizard 101, Toon Town , Mabinogi, and Furcadia.
  5. I became a furry last year and created my first-ish fursona, Misty Aarin the-- you guessed it-- gryphon. But I only just now wanted to start a fursuit and to start cosplaying.
  6. Habitica is an awesome RPG habit former/to-do list that I quite enjoy using.
  7. I'm an Ambivert.
  8. I'm a Christian-- specifically a ragamuffin Christian (read the last post.)
  9. Although I'm questioning my faith/sexuality/gender and have no clue what I believe-- due to that I believe that all people need to let their yes be yes and their no be no. So, for the time-being, until I know what I believe, I will be silent. Because I don't want to come off as wishy-washy or hypocritical.
  10. I am about a month away from hitting my 1-year mark from cutting. And as long as I remember, I have had Bipolar Disorder NOS, which has evermore put in the ranks of a Recovery Warrior
  11. My favourite thing in the world is music. To listen to it, to play it, and to write it.
  12. My top three favourite genres are; Rock/Metal, Folk/Celtic, and Soundtracks/Classical Music
  13. My top 5 favourite rock/metal bands/artists are Wolves at the Gate, Thousand Foot Krutch, Disciple, Memphis May Fire, and Skillet
  14. My top 5 favourite folk/Celtic bands/artists are Blackmore's Night, Gaelic Storm, Andrew Peterson, Joshua Aaron, Michael Card.
  15. I write poetry and stories.
  16. As a novelist, I write fantasy, sci/fi, adventure, action, etc.
  17. My top 5 favourite Disney/Pixar films are Brave, Zootopia, Moana, Inside Out, and Mulan.
  18. My favourite animated shows are Trolhunters, Avatar: The Last Airbender, MLP: FiM, Steven Universe, and Voltron.
  19. Psych, especially DBT and MBTI is a passion of mine.
  20. And on that topic, I also am rather passionate about breaking the stigma around mental illness.
  21. I love archery and really have the dream of buying myself a bow and a few arrows, one day.
  22. I live out on my parents' place and with my brother and roommate, now.
  23. I love to help stray kitties.
  24. I am a Manga/Anime/Furry Artist. Graphic as well as Abstract Surrealist and Abstract/Post Expressionist
  25. I'm also a photographer and I do a photography journal on my Instagram that shares my daily experiences in my faith and my mental illness

Monday, July 23, 2018

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 1 - Your [Main] Blog's Name

So for my post-birthday, I am taking up a 30-day blogging challenge here as a way for y'all to get to know the authoress/cosplayer behind the screen!


Well, I have spoken of the story/inside joke with some people before, but I go to a church called All Saints Church Spartanburg. And we were doing our annual meeting to plan for the New Years of 2014. Brian Hardin of dailyaudiobible had visited and preached as a guest pastor and then the service was over and we did our meeting to plan for 2014.... The meeting had a slideshow up there and there was a huge typo. Spartanbug instead Spartanburg. And it stuck with me sooo I used it as my blog url and many of my usernames online.

The Peculiar Tales of a Ragamuffin Warrior Princess

1) The Peculiar Tales of...

strange or odd; unusual.

I penned this idea as a teenager when I started sharing my writings on homeschoolblogger.com. And when I was trying to find alternate ways to express my zany quirks without resorting to the word "insane". I really loved being different and "weird" just didn't sound unique enough to describe my stories and life. So, I  settled on peculiar.

plural noun: tales
a fictitious or true narrative or story, especially one that is imaginatively recounted.

I also wanted to make tales the focal point. Whether it was my fictional scriptings or my life experiences, or things I watched/read/etc. The blog kicked off and doubled as a way to log my life and hobbies but also a place to share my poems or stories and media reviews. 

2) Ragamuffin

 1) a ragged, disreputable person; tatterdemalion. 2) a child in ragged, ill-fitting, dirty clothes.

So, in the past four to five years, I have based my faith on the book, The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning's assessment of what faith in Christ truly means. What's very common in churches these days is that either somehow God owes us the good things he has given us or that we must somehow earn grace.

Of course, neither of these are true for as said in the book “My deepest awareness of myself is that I am deeply loved by Jesus Christ and I have done nothing to earn it or deserve it.” and “Through no merit of ours, but by His mercy, we have been restored to a right relationship with God through the life, death, and resurrection of His beloved Son. This is the Good News, the gospel of grace.” 

3) Warrior

(especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

Through therapy and faith, I have always been a warrior. Claiming that as a part of my nature has helped guide me in my recovery from many a thing. And so, of course in this double-meaninged term, I claimed this identity with pride.

4) Princess

  • the daughter of a monarch.
  • a close female relative of a monarch, especially a son's daughter.
  • the wife or widow of a prince.

This speaks for itself. God is the King of the universe and I am His daughter. But also part of the Body/Bride of Christ. And Christ is the Prince of Peace :)

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Character: Morwynne Aari Gael

 Character(s) Theme Playlist: Morwynne Aari Gael 

Name: Morwynne Aari Gael
Nickname: Mor/Vixen
MBTI-Type: Ambivert-NFP
Age: 17
Species: Halfling (Half Pemma/Half Afaena)
Height: 5"4
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye color:  sea green
Physical appearance: curvy, plump
Favorite clothing style/outfit: cloak, boots, side pouch, vest or corsets, or her fancy, velvet healer's/prophets' gown
Where does he or she live? Traveler until she settled down in Anthem Rise Academy in Oraeda Citadel

Speaking style: chatty when close, reserved most other times
Hobbies/interests: writing, library, archery, drawing, singing, penny whistle, ocarina, violin, bagpipes, bodrahn
Special skills/abilities: rogue, healer, librarian, warrior, bard, prophet
Temperament: impatient, temperament also mimics the ocean peaceful and calm in the right conditions yet is a force to reckon with when the storm comes
Religion/philosophy of life: Christian
Physical health: between healthy and  overweight

Bio:  Morwynne didn't always know who she was. After her mother gave birth to her, she had to send her away with her brother, Patryd, who gave them both a name to go into hiding. Patryd went by the name Zronim and for many years he went by that name and Morwynne went by Vixen. While in hiding, Patryd taught her to survive as a rogue and thief due to their race as halflings. It was either that route or slavery. As she grew up she became a well-seasoned rogue. Until she got to 17 years of age, on that day, they took on more than they bargained for. Trying to steal a jewel from a guardian, named Dron. He captured Morwynne as her brother and her only friend abandoned her to his wrath.

Soon afterward she was forced into community service and to be his apprentice as long as he desired. He partnered her with his daughters, Havanna and Abygaell whom soon trained her as a guardian. 3 years as his apprentice had gone by, and Vixen found she had landed herself in a cult. She helped Havana out but wasn't able to free Aby. Soon she found another unit in the guardian core that was more with it. There she and Havana grew in friendship and met new guardians. and was reunited with her father, Jedro Gael. And there, she and Jedro had the same prophetic dream revealing whom she was.

(To be continued later...)

If he or she were lived in famous geek worlds:

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Subject: Divination
Hunger Games District: District 6
Steven Universe Gem: Sapphire

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 8: 5 Current Goals

5: Move into our new place, and settle in. My brother, roommate and I have spent a good year together and our lease will be up incredi...