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Land of Ansaris: Anthem Rise Academy Schools (Part Two)

School Locations

The locations of each school/fortress are strategic positions. Moreover their positions are based on the trinity and fellowship. they use the natural protection of a snowy wasteland to protect their backs [semi inspired by Exodus 14], but their fronts are dependent on the unity of their components[1 Corinthians 12:15-21]. (Sea) defends [1 Peter 5:8] and watches [Mathew 25:13] the sea, (Sky) defends their brethren from the skies, and (Earth) is the frontline and guards the tunnels under themselves as well. At all costs, they defend HQ, as it holds their leaders and the children (whom the leaders are protecting and teaching [Psalm 127:3, Proverbs 22:6, Mark 9:37, Matthew 18:6])

Anthem Rise Academy has multiple schools and is also taught outside the main sects anywhere in Ansaris. This is to represent the Church and how although many denominations and many buildings, the Church is not in these things. The Church is the Body and Bride of Christ, the chosen ones of Christ and so I worked to make my schools represent that.

Location #1: Headquaters


Basic Training consists of learning Discipline, values, teamwork, horsemanship, basic archery, basic swordmanship,survival, fitness, weaponry, physical & mental health, and theology (inspired by Reformed Anglicanism and Celtic Christianity) along with the aforementioned, they also learn the basics of Maths, History, Science, Language. Through a curriculum known as GUARDIANS
  • Governing Doctrine and Values
  • Unity & Belonging
  • Arms & Services
  • Rhythms: Centered Life and Relationships
  • Divine Discipline
  • Identity and Focus
  • Arts, Music, Elements
  • Nature and Animal Bonding
  • Structure and Leadership

There are three milestone tests they must complete before they graduate. The grading system they use is narrative evaluation.

Scholar Trial(9-14 years)

This trial is what we essentially do during exams… Testing our knowledge in all our core subjects including theology. They are sent to either the snowy wilderness that protects them from behind, or the wilderness of the south for 40 days.

Bonding Trial(12 years)

This trial is to represent good stewardship of nature and animals. To remind them of the garden (Genesis 2), where (Jesus) began (Luke 2:1-20), and the future we look for (Isaiah 11:6-9) they choose their environment and commune with nature and the animals of that area for 40 days. Meanwhile they journal their journey.

Survival Trial(13 years)

This trial is based on the call to the wilderness from (Exodus 3, Exodus 13-Numbers 14, Matthew 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13) 3 team members and a witness are chosen and their goal is to survive the elements. They are either sent south to the desert wilderness or or to the school’s natural defenses in snowy wilderness for 40 days. During the trial they also take moments independently to pray daily for each of their calling. Oftentimes they do this by taking turns in a secure area, to stay well protected. 

Dueling Trial(14 years)

This trial is as suggested a duel between students to review basics they’ve learned. The duel is a friendly sparring and the aim is based solely on winning points rather than knocking an opponent out. Main focus is to rate reaction timing, offense and defense, speed, and strength and tactics…


Once graduating, a ceremony is held for their Enrollment/Call to their next location that is if they wish to continue their education or to simply be with their family. Otherwise, all of it depends on the trials and the resources you mainly connected with. There are four other paths from here. And after their path is chosen there is a fifth and final trial done in their school that determines their light type.

Location #2: Earth(Stone+Fire)


Weapons, and war machines are often designed here and sent to all other schools for defenses. This location is also the main gate into the whole rebellion’s territory. So Earth gets heavier training in defense. Students in this school are often the frontline or at the forge, making sure nobody goes underground.

House Ceremony

Earth’s ceremonial trial is done in a maze. Three phases in this trial includes:

Riddle or Trap

A third of the maze completed and door #1 requires a riddle (Outcome #1: the riddle is correctly answered and they ascend stairs to next level to the second third of the maze. Outcome #2: the riddle is wrongly answered and a trap door throws them down a level to their next level in the maze.)

Puzzle or Trap

after the second third of the maze (Outcome #1: door #2 a. A puzzle that requires memory which unlocks the door. b. if it is wrong, walls of stone encase them the goal is to figure out the pattern (or you will get shocked a little in the hands til you get it right) Outcome #2: a rock wall is in the way the goal is to climb it and at the top is a clue for the riddle in lettering you can only read up there in which you answer there, then monkey bars back across and above the maze leads them back to the riddle door, which is now open.)


After the third third of the maze is completed; and the pupils are in front of the school and teachers...the guardians are before them disguised as a statue (gargoyle) and a flame (phoenix) and are inactive until they walk up to them. If the flame reveals itself as a phoenix and cries then that guardian chose you and if the gargoyle lifts its head and winds then that guardian chose you.


Their curriculum is based on the acronym FORGE:
  • Frontline Strategy
  • Offense/Defense Advanced
  • Recycle, Recover, Remodel (Manifesting Spirit and Mind in Body)
  • Get Together
  • Elements Advanced

Armed Forces

Besides being engineers, inventors and providing most of the weaponry in the academy, most everyone had basic to advance combat training in hand-to-hand combat, swordmanship, spearmanship. And others used their elements or their engineerings, inventions, and/or chemicals to rain hell upon attackers. 

Location #3: Sea(Water+Wind)


Every school has basics-trained healers but in the event where the situation is serious and cannot be done there or there needs to be a retreat for an individual to regain mental health recovery, they are sent here. They’re techniques are somewhat unorthodox as they use their a’gaerym and elements to enact healing through songs and storytelling along with counseling and medicine. In addition to this and as the second line of defense, they are the watchmen around the wall and watch the sea using the lighthouse tower on their fortress in order to signal different signs across the sea and the beacons to do the same on the land. 

House Ceremony

Communal Link(aka Fellowship Prayer)

The ceremony is a lot simpler than Earth’s. A pupil will come up when their name is called and the staff will be in a circle and hold hands(or huddle together) to make an empathic link(cast by and through those with that element making it possible for all. They all will witness the pupil's drive through their emotions.


They will announce the house by allowing the pupil to walk to the head of school and will be blessed into the house (after laying of hands or brow-to-brow)


Their curriculum is based on the acronym REFLECTION:
  • Revive, Recover, Repeat
  • Elements Advance
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Literature, Folklore, Fairytales
  • Exploration
  • Communication and Fellowship
  • Teamwork and Confidence
  • Inspirational and Natural Creations
  • Oceanography
  • Navy and Wayfinder Training

Armed Forces

Although everyone has basic training from their time in HQ, not everyone is in the armed forces. Healing is a huge part of the culture of the school. But if one is in the armed forces they have these choices; navy services, militia and men-at-arms. Besides these things, they’d use their a’gaerym and elements against. 

Location #3: Sky(Fire+Wind)


Home of the Gryphon/Dragon Riders and Hatchery Nurses, as well as Artisans, and Knowledge; this school watches and patrols the skies for the signs given from the sea and their own scouts. As the last line of defense and closest to HQ, it is their job to make sure to warn them if all else failed in all lines. At all costs the children are to be protected and they would have to escort them to a safe place.

House Ceremony


Pupils are given a quest to retrieve an object (un specified but will become clear) at the top of their tallest mountain. With traps and natural obstacles in their way...

Facing the Guardian

At the top there is a Draconic Gryphon that induces a vision to reveal their true nature in a personally set scenario based on the actions in the vision, this will allow the guardian to determine their house. 


That is when they will be cloaked with a robe in their house colours. Purple with gold trimmings for Jourdon, and Blue with silver trimmings for Aneira. At that point a chariot with elemental gryphon or dragon will bring them back down.


Their curriculum is based on the acronym SOARWING:
  • Scholarship and Scripture
  • Orphanage/Hatchery training
  • Aviation (Steed)manship
  • ROAR: Resistence, Offering, Alliance, Raise(and Nurture)
  • WINGS: Will(Push of Limits), Individual Ability, Novice Training, Guidance, Strategy
  • Inspriration: Theology and Philosophy
  • Navigation
  • Gryphon/Draconic Amity

Armed Forces

If a pupil is in the armed forces, as Gryphon/Dragon Riders they have a choice to be in the air force as well as archers, crossbowmen, two-handed infantry. Either that or they defend the Hatchery as guards, or the walls as watchmen with the Sea. Some battle tactics also include using their elements, flail, spear, etc. on their steed or from the fort/wall.

Location #5: Vagabond/Pilgrim (All)


In the event a pupil has all aspects of Earth, Sky, and Sea, their calling is different from their peers. When this happens, a Master Vagabond/Pilgrim will call upon their name and welcome them as their apprentice. Their education, then will be similar to a travelling homeschooling experience. Missions will be hands-on and slightly more dangerous as they will be going beyond their north-easten comfort zone. Moreover, they will be in enemy territory. And dependent on their main goal and mission, they could be sent to spy on the enemy, on rescue missions, as messengers, or as to further recruit others into the rebellion that the academy trains for.


Curriculum as with missions are hands-on hand-chosen and agreed upon by the master and apprentice. In some instances the lessons are taught in a similar way as birds are taught to fly.

Enrollment/The Call

Enrollment (for all Anthem Rise Academy) is based on being called and evangelism…. Vagabonds/Pilgrims (and the Sea School’s Messengers) go out and recruit people and their families and that usually settles the adults in as part of the Family’s Alternative of the Basics in HQ...and then are given the same options citizens of their territory are given.

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Land of Ansaris: Powers/Magical Abilities

I have been working on more when it comes to the “magic” of the world and hope the next post will help you understand how the “magic” in this world works now! In my world there are 4 types of magics... A’gaerym/Elements, Spirituals, Fruits/Miracles, and Sorcery. Each have specific identifying notions that set them apart and make them unique from each other. So without further ado, let's get into these diverse ideas!

A’gaerym/Elements: (powers that are inspired by personality and talents of somebody)

"A’gaerym” are powers that are meant to sorta represent callings that the afaenas receive from birth, but are unlocked when they hit puberty. They can only be manipulated by afaena and sometimes halflings. Most afaena/halflings have only one a’gaerym, it is a rarity for one to have two, but it is not unheard of. 

“Elements” are components of their “a’gaerym” that make it more personal and unique. These powers have exhaustible resources that feeds on their minds and bodies. If their element is over-exerted it can lead to loss of stamina or clarity and in more major cases loss of sanity or even of their very life.

Spirituals: (powers that are given by Auorin/The Author (aka God)

As said above, Elements are the naturally born talents that only those with afaena heritage can have. The Bright Ones' gifts, otherwise known as “Spirituals”, however, are separate, as they accepted their place under the Sacred Alchemist King; Auorin. They are able to wield and a gift solely that belongs to them such as guardian, a healer etc... 
  • Prophet - Premonition
  • Evangelist - Telepathy,
  • Pastor - Meta-teaching
  • Teacher - Ability Teacher, limitation Defiance
  • Service - Serving Empowerment
  • Exhortation - Empath, Clairaudience, Clairempathy, Telempathy, Inspiration Inducement
  • Leading - leadership empowerment, leadership intuition,
  • Mercy - healing Prayer, disease detection
  • Wisdom - Peak Human Wisdom
  • Knowledge - Peak Human Knowledg, Peak Human Potential (limited to doctrine and truth
  • Faith - Belief (in Auorin) Empowerment
  • Healing - Healing Prayer/Voice/Kiss
  • Discernment - Supernatural Perception/Soul Reading/Lie Detection )limited to discerning a spirit’s, individual’s, teaching’s or motive’s if they are of Auorin)
  • Tongues - Omnilingualism

Fruits/Miracles: (powers based on the fruits of the spirit that just comes with being a Bright One (aka Christian)

Fruits are powers/signs that all true Bright Ones have. It shows/proves that you are one of them and often is shone in milestones of Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It is represent as light in 4 forms (Casting(star, sun, aurora), Reflecting(moon), Igniting (Fire)

When a milestone is hit or a connection is made, a Bright One

  • Shining(sun/star): is able to clarify and reveal truth and to inspire joy, hope and comfort
  • Reflecting(moon): is able to direct light down one's or another's journey or or to reveal the way to Auorin
  • Casting(aurora): is able to reveal their own fruits and spiritual testimony, growth and health in a massive way
  • Igniting(flames): is able to reveal the passion and purity of Auorin in them

Sorcery: (acquired powers discouraged by Auorin often replicating the Spirituals or stolen from the energy/life of Afaena or mythical creatures)

Sorcery is the dark power that is replicated, stolen, manipulated and learned from to gain abilities or enhance vocations with more power. In this story it is shed in an evil no-go light for all Bright Ones(Christians)

  • Replication: used to mimic a corrupted and perverted version of the spiritual gifts Auorin gives and the Fruits/Miracles of following him.
  • Stolen: used through sacrificing animals and people etc. and gaining any abilities from them.
  • Manipulated: user is able to use their powers through the compromise of another's morals, manipulation of another emotions and thoughts etc.

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Land of Ansaris: Anthem Rise Academy Schools (Part One)

So I’m writing a story about people born with magical abilities who are in school for it but unlike Hogwarts it’s built like schools in Dinotopia; where they first learn basic math, history, science, language, then additionally my own ideas are they learn how to manage their magical skills, battle tactics and other skills like survival etc. But then after graduating what we would know as elementary school/primary school, that’s when they advance to the next level... they are transferred to their next school based on what traits the teachers in their personality as well as the element their magical abilities are based on... and that is where the graphs come in: The Trio of elemental schools are based on Earth, Sky, and Sea (inspired by Dinotopia as well as slightly on Avatar: The Last Airbender) There are two “guardian” houses in each climate... Earth has Gargoyle as the night guardian, Phoenix as the day, Sky has Dragon as the night, and Gryphon as the day, Sea has Merfolk/Siren as the night, and Nymphs (all nymphs) and the day. Once they go to the the “secondary/middle and high school” sect of the school (which requires they move to new locations based on the climates) they are sorted (not unlike Harry Potter and Tinkerbell in Fairy Hollow) in whichever house based on personality traits and on the abilities (by grabbing an artifact that shows their ability) thus they are chosen by day or night to go into their House and training as guardianship.

Triune Characteristic: Soul (attuned to the world)

Home of the...: Engineers, Alchemists, Inventors, Geographers, Cartographers, Scientists, Men-at-arms, Spearmen/Billmen, Gatekeepers

Common Elements(aka the name of their abilities):Earth Manipulation, “Spell” Absorption, “Magical” Energy Absorption, Alchemy, Clay Manipulation, Forge Manipulation, Adaptive Learning, Craft Improvisation, Impossible Forging, Master Builder, Max Concentration Capacity, Omnifabrication, Quality Sense, Rapid Farbication, Weakness Detection, Object Creation, Crystal Manipulation, Gemstone Manipulation, Dust Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Magic Bomb Generation, Volatile manipulation and constructs, Lava Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Mud Manipulation, Reinforcement, Sand Manipulation, Glass Manipulation, Shard Manipulation, Mirror Manipulation, Volcanic Fields Manipulation, 

House Cináed (shi-naid)

Great-Light Type: Greater Light (Sun)
Guardian: Phoenix
Element: Earth (Fire/Ash)
Values: Perseverance and change

House Gelvira (geh-veel-rah)

Great-Light Type: Lesser Light (Moon)
Guardian: Gargoyle
Element: Earth (Stone)
Values: Vigilance & Truth


Triune Characteristic: Spirit (attuned to God)

Home of the...:  Dragon Riders, Gryphon Riders, Hatchery Nurses (to orphaned gryphons and dragons) Artists, Scholars, Scribes, Philosophers, Theologians, Librarians, Astronomers, Storytellers, Bards, Archers, Crossbowmen, Two-handed infantry, Watchmen

Common Elements(aka the name of their abilities): Air Manipulation, Art Manipulation, Artistic Intuition, Music Manipulation, Musical Enchantment, Performance Art Intuitive, Sound Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation, Conceptual Music, Enhanced/Supernatural Charisma, Persuasion , Enhanced Musicianship/Supernatural Musicianship, Blessing Inducement, Curse Inducement, Music Manipulation, Musical Empathy, Musical Inducement, Siren Song, Sonic Healing, Sonokinetic Combat,Sound Sculpting, Magic Instrument, Musical Weapon Proficiency, Autumn Manipulation, Eternal Autumn Inducement, Fatigue Manipulation, Rot Inducement, Fog Generation, Rain Creation, Wind Generation, Animal Animalia Manipulation,Animal Empathy (flying animals), Aurora Manipulation, Aurora Attacks, Aurora Constructs, Aurora Generation, Electromagnetism Manipulation to control auroras, Optical Phenomena Manipulation of auroras, Color Manipulation of auroras, Manipulate the properties of auroras, Move/lift auroras at nearly any speed whether in/on surface, air or water. One could even do this on vacuum of space if one has way to survive the experience, Elemental Flight using auroras, Matter Surfing using auroras, Aurora Mimicry, Rainbow Manipulation, Lunar Manipulation, Lunakinetic Combat, Lunar Empowerment, Lunar Healing, Sky Manipulation,  Solar Manipulation, Heliokinetic Combat, Solar Empowerment, Solar Healing, Solar Physiology, Vapor Magic, Weather Manipulation, Snow Manipulation, Avalanche Creation, Blizzard Creation, Snow Generation, Storm Manipulation, Meta Space-Time Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Dream Inducement, Dream Manipulation, Nightmare Manipulation, Dream Materialization, Animal Magic (limited to dream-world animals), Architecture Manipulation (limited to dream-world architecture), Dream-World Manipulation, Plant Manipulation (limited to dream-world plants), Weather Manipulation (limited to dream-world weather)

House Jourdon (jor-don)

Great-Light Type: Greater Light (Sun)
Guardian: Gryphon
Element: Sky (Wind)
Values: Chivalric Loyalty & Courage

House Aneira (uhn-eye-rah)

Great-Light Type: Lesser Light (Moon)
Guardian: Dragon
Element: Sky (Fire)
Values: Honor & Protecting


Triune Characteristic: Mind (attuned to emotions)

Home of the...: Singers, Poets, Storytellers, Counselors, Sailors, Messengers, Healers, Gardeners, Apothecaries, Militia, Man-at-Arms, Cavalry, Oceanographers, (Under &)Sea Explorers

Common Elements(aka the name of their abilities):  Dance Combat, Dance Manipulator, Superhero Dancing, Performance Art Intuitive, Sound Manipulation, Vibration Manipulation, Conceptual Music, Enhanced/Supernatural Charisma, Persuasion , Enhanced Musicianship/Supernatural Musicianship, Blessing Inducement, Curse Inducement, Music Manipulation, Musical Empathy, Musical Inducement, Siren Song, Sonic Healing, Sonokinetic Combat,Sound Sculpting, Voice Manipulation, Emotion “magical” Manipulation, Vapor Magic, Weather Manipulation, Snow Manipulation, Avalanche Creation, Blizzard Creation, Snow Generation, Storm Manipulation, Flower Manipulation, Animal Manipulation (limited to garden animals), Architecture Manipulation, Garden Manipulation, Plant Manipulation (limited to garden plants), Cold Magic, Ice Manipulation, Aquatic Life Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Lake/River Manipulation, Ocean Manipulation, Marine Energy Manipulation, Liquids Manipulation, Attack Reversal, Counter-Force Manipulation, Damage Reflection, Power Reflection, Illusion Reflection, Health Manipulation, Cell Manipulation,  Medicine Manipulation, Supernatural Surgery, Bliss Inducement, Peace Inducement, Serenity Inducement, Advanced Empathy, Addictive Contentment, Emotion Absorption, Emotion Augmentation, Emotion Concentration, Emotion Creation, Emotion Detection, Emotion Field Projection, Emotion Focusing, Emotional Energy Manipulation, Empathic Healing, Empathic Energy Conversion, Subliminal Messaging, Emotion Aura, Emotion Empowerment, Empathic Regeneration, Intuitive Empathy, Social Cloaking, Emotion Empowerment, Magic Aura surrounds user based on emotional state, Emotional Power Link, Empathic Element Manipulation, Gain various powers, depending on what book they're in, Fictional Mimicry, Book Immersion, Book Jumping, Book Manifesting, Mirror Combat, Mirror Communication, Mirror Creation, Mirror Image, Mirror Imprisonment, Mirror Manipulation, Reflection Destruction, Reflection Manipulation, Arctic Manipulation, Bubble Manipulation, Animal Manipulation (limited to coastal animals), Coast Manipulation, Druid-like Powers, Cold Weather Manipulation, Winter Manipulation

House Asaaria (uh-saar-ee-uh)

Great-Light Type: Greater Light (Sun)
Guardian: Nymph
Element: Earth (Stone & Fire)
Values: Fellowship & Love

House Miramnisty (meer-amn-ist-ee)

Great-Light Type: Evening Light (Moon)
Guardian: Siren/Merfolk
Element: Earth (Stone & Fire)
Values: Freedom & Wisdom

Inspired by: #harrypotter #wizardingworld #dinotopia #muneguardianofthemoon #avatarthelastairbender #wizard101 

Dedicated to: @icedragoncheetah (whose name was used as one of the guardian/houses which ironically means “much snow” and “honor” in Welsh.) and Savannah Starshine because she inspires me. 

 #prewriting #worldbuilding #earth #sky #sea #moon #sun #night #day #spirit #mindsoul #body #father #son #fellowship #holyghost #realmprotector #gargoyle #phoenix #dragon #gryphon #merfolk #siren #nymph

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Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 8: 5 Current Goals

5: Move into our new place, and settle in.

My brother, roommate and I have spent a good year together and our lease will be up incredibly soon. February 3rd will come and that is when we need to get out. Aric will be moving 30minutes away and Suzanne and I are hopefully moving downtown. My goal is to get the majority of my stuff packed by the 31st when I'll be getting my wisdom tooth removed. Hopefully if I don't get it done before then, I'll be able to continue to pack by the time we get out. When we get moved in, I hope to finally be able to settle in and enjoy what time we have left. Crossing fingers.

4: Get "Rainbow Slices" illustrated, revised, edited, & published.

It took me 2 years to complete writing this poetry compilation. This 3-part compilation contains 24 poems to break the stigma around self-harm while giving hope for recovery. The imagery and analogies are based on rainbows as a way to remind recovery warriors of God's promise to remain by our side and turn bad to good for the sake of His children. And to remind us that no matter what your background, your life  can become a testimony and can help others with their struggles. It helped me with my recovery so much and I hope it helps others. But my goal now is to draw and illustrate it based on each poem and in the style of is book cover, edit the poems to be grammatically correct and to publish it by the end of the year or so...

Poetry by Ari Persephone Scriptsmith about overcoming self-harm #breakthestigma #breakthrough #christian #colors #colours #cutter #faith #hope #illness #mental #mentaldisorder #mentalhealth #mentalillness #overcoming #plethora #poems #poetry #rainbow #recovery #recoverywarrior #savior #saviour #selfharm #selfharmawareness #slices

3: Get people to join my Christian discord server.

After joining so many church groups and Christian online chatrooms, and being mistreated or having the worst assumed of me, I decided it was high time to build a group that was a sanctuary for those who have mental illness and enjoyed hobbies such a furries. I've finished building it, and creating a safe environment for these people. But for now, I only got 1 person to join and my goal is to get 50 people to join, to get 5 admins, and to keep it active. Ye Ragamuffin & Warrior Tavern has channels for: 1.) Fun 2.) Faith and Political Discussion 3.) Mental Health Ministries 4.) Writers, Artists, and Musicians 5.) Furries 6.) Homeschoolers (COMING SOON)! Please feel free to join! Help me reach my down, 1 person down, 49 more to go!

2: Exercise more often and get back down to 197lbs.

Once I get moved out, I am gonna exercise more, take walks, lift weights, jump rope, play kinect, and eat Gluten Free, low-carb, fresh vegetables, no cane sugar or artificial sweeteners and replace it with agave, stevia and honey. My goal is to get back down to 197lbs and be able to be healthy enough to have my monthly again. My health has been deteriorating quickly and I don't want that anymore.

1: Reach my 2 year mark since I last cut.

Before now, I had reached 1 year and 7 months before relapsing and now that I am 25 days away from 1 and a half year, I'm truly looking forward to hitting my 2nd year! I'm going to spend my time using these 10 main coping skills to get there....

a.) Journaling, drawing, blogging etc.
b.) Be a part of a mentorship program for support groups.
c.) fitness, healthy eating and dance.
d.) essential oils, incense and candles.
e.) Read Scripture and study politics, history, science, psychology, philosophy, foreign languages, and Language Arts.
f.) gamified apps and sites for writing, fitness, mental health, habits etc.
g.) music, whether creating it or listening. Always a main coping skill after all.
h.) fursuiting, cosplaying, and make-up
i.) continue making book covers and commission artwork to sell.
j.) wear comforting clothes like a sweater, hoodie, or arm warmers.

0:  [BONUS GOAL] Finish my resource series on LIGHTforMI

I'm writing a 10-part series that I am calling Resources of Recovery. And as the title suggests, I’m have been gathering resources that have helped me with my recovery or that I think may help others with theirs. In this collection of parts, I have been giving a short summary of whatever I’m covering and why I believe they help. I'm writing part two at the moment which is about shows, movies, and books that either got mental illness right or promotes mental health and illness.

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Classy Tags -- Fursonas and Mun Answer Questions

Things written in here are colour coded as a way to distinguish who is saying what. Mun is obviously Ari Schaffer or Mari Fahel McKimzey (that is myself) 
Agan is based on member at ages 18-21 when I conformed much to a former friend's ideals and hobbies and likes. 
Misty is based on me right now. 
Penny is based on me at 15-18 
Aisling is based on me at 12-15 

Q - (Warrior): What’s your weapon of choice?

Either a warhammer, axe or claymore. 
Bow and arrows 
A staff, please! 
A simple sgian dubh will do for me thanks. 

Q- (Paladin): What’s something you believe very strongly in? 

I'm a Christian-- more specifically an Anglican-- and really seeps into my characters. But each of my characters is based on certain points in my life, so a few of them believe things I used to believe. 
I, too am a Christian with the ministry of casting out the demonic forces. [Luke 10:19]
I am a Christian as well, a ragamuffin, healer, with the goal to help others find peace and the freedom to struggle, rather than struggling to be free. [Matthew 5:3-5] [Galatians 6:2]
Newly found Christian, finding my courage in Him and trying to seek Him in all things [2 Timothy 17] [Isaiah 41:10] [Matthew 7:7]
Raised in faith and truly wanting to testify it abroad and become a missionary [Acts 20:24]

Q- (Hunter): Your favourite animal? 

Cats and platypuses mostly, including wild cats hehe! :) Which is why I chose my fursona species. Agan in a Scottish fold cat, Misty although mythical, is a gryphon. Penny is a platypus. and Aisling is a calico caticorn.. 

Q - (Rogue): What’s something you’d only do if you were offered a large sum of money to do it?

Ride the Tower of Terror from Disney World for anyone other than my sister.
Letting go of blacksmithing for any length of time
Not flying for a day or not listening to music for a day
Being anywhere near a mall or a stage
Listening to heavy metal xP

Q - (Priest): Confess something embarrassing or silly that you’ve never told your followers before! (Maybe it’s just subtle mind control…)

Wrote the most embarrassing poetry that my parents refuse to let me trash
I used to be very uninformed about my beliefs and I regret things I used to claim as truth.
My favourite thing to do is to watch girly children shows
I once squeaked for five minutes on stage, stutter and breathe like Darth Vader in the mic when singing or performing on stage.
I used to be obsessed with butterflies and people still send me butterfly stuff thinking I'm still obsessed with them

Q- (Death Knight): Have you ever been forgiven for something you were sure would be the last straw?

Hasn't everyone?
yeahhh *shifting weight*

Q - (Shaman): Would you favour Earth, Fire, Water, or Air?

Water... because persistent
Fire... because blacksmith
Air... because flight
Water... because swimming

Q - (Mage): What were your favourite and least favourite subjects in school?

Language Arts is my fave... Math is my least
History and Art are my favourites and Math is my least favourite
Science-- specifically metorology, astronomy, oceanography and psychology; Social science and math is my least
Music and Math are my faves and social science is my least
Language Arts is my fave and math is my least

Q - (Warlock): If you had the chance to control another person’s actions for the day, with no direct consequences, would you do it?

Why would I do that?
uhh... nope
maybe... but only to my enemies, to embarrass them >:-)

Q - (Monk): When’s a time you were patient with someone, even though you didn’t want to be?

When I was hurt by the Church
When many of my friends lied to me
When an acquainced forced friendship on me
When family was manipulative and secretive about stuff that had to do with my friends
Pretty much always

Q - (Druid): Would you align yourself with the Claw, Grove, Talon, Fang, Antler, Saber, or Scythe? Or would you remain a Druid of the Wild?

Druid of the Wild

Q - (Demon Hunter): To what extent do you believe the end can justify the means?

Only when honesty is harsh. Or when lying to the a corrupt government to protect lives. No wrong or evil can justify the means.
Like she said^ 
Too true
I completely agree

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Post-Birthday Blogging Challenge: Day 7 - Top 5̶ 10 Favourite Songs (and why...)

10: "Set Apart This Dream" by: Flyleaf

Hard rock has not always been a favourite of mine. As a child and young teenager I was truly into the  folk, hip-hop, pop side of CCM. That is until I met my best friend at the time... She and I were radio show hosts, together in our podcast called Jesus Freaks... Our first episode was the introduction to Flyleaf. "Cassie" played on our playlist and I was introduced to the world of metal and hard rock. My best friend wasn't the only one to introduce me to my now, favourite music genre. But other close friends were influencing my style of music as well. However, it was my best friend who showed me Flyleaf...

I have listened to all of the Flyleaf albums, intensely. And after years of that, I have connected to this song. Suicide and depression and conflict is my day to day existence and I found my comfort in this song. It has given me hope and helped me to believe in the supernatural and the afterlife of Heaven. As I've said before, the spirit of conflict lingers in my home. Some of it, admittedly is my own fault, but some not so much. Shame is a two-sided blade here. Guilt for what I had done and even guilt that was unrighteously shoved on me. This line was my help in that; "You build your castles in the skies; Stars reflecting off your eyes, And angels sing on silver clouds, And no one cries screams or shouts"

Suicide and depression have pressured me all my life. I have OD'd, considered hanging, and even self-harmed many years of my life. But to know there is hope even for me and that I'm not beyond repair is amazing. And if I just overcome this pain there will be a prize worth more than any gold... "Close your eyes pretty girl; Cause it's easier when you brace yourself. Set your thoughts on a world far off; Where we only cry from joy! Oh set apart this dream; Set apart this dream for me. Oh lovely and beautiful; Precious and priceless. You're so much more than you know. Heart of the purest gold. Pure clean and white snow. Clothed in such splendor. Oh, what a beauty for me."

9: "Still Breathing"  by Veridia

I was introduced by iTunes suggestions to this band, I believe. It was an instant fave for me. And I truly wish they put out more. The music, at least for me is upbeat, convicting, and therapeutic. The beats and tunes are like a war song and anthem for the discouraged and is very profound. The lyrics of their music has inspired many of my poems and stories. My favourite songs by them were "Disconnected", "Mechanical Planet", "Pretty Lies", "At the End of the World", "Cheshire Smile", "I Won't Stay Down", "Reckless", and "Still Breathing". If you like Alternative, Electronic, and Pop-styled rock, this is a very unique band which I would definitely suggest.

This particular song was encouraging to me because when I was depressed, it was one of the most comforting songs through my stress. I ended up being able to express my true emotions just by quoting these lyrics or sharing the song itself. The beauty of this song is it speaks to, encourages, and even strengthens the will of many struggling with suicidal thoughts. I've found that my mental health and mood has vastly improved while listening to its lyrics saying, "I'm still breathing Blood is burning in my veins I wanna feel the pain You're still healing Every moment, every day Is a gift you gave I can't believe I'm still breathing Turn the light off Let the monsters come I'm not gonna be afraid  Cause I know that I'm not alone I've got giants on my side"

8: "Jee Veerey" by: Bloodywood

I found this song while scrolling through Facebook one day. It's the only song by them that I'm really interested in, but it doesn't make the lyrics any less beautiful. The music has combined my favourite instrument of all time, an instrument that I, myself play-- the Scottish Tin Whistle (aka penny whistle), along with one of my favourite genres, metal, along with the message behind the music being my life's goal to spread: "Jee Veerey" means "live, brave one". Suicide may sound like the only route, but I truly believe there is hope even in the darkest of times.

"Walk this valley of death, head high. Say I'll be back, today I won't die. 'Cause try as we may, we can never deny; We can get back up if we're still alive. [Only after enduring the tests of fire, iron is forged. Live, brave one, fight those internal storms and; Win, brave one, weather those wounds and rise once again; fly once again for too long you've lay in darkness]"

Out of the many songs I've listened to covered by this band, this one stood out the most. An original by them, they truly covered a deep and difficult topic and made it beautiful at the same time. Many think musically they had a lot of room to improve, but I believe they did it immaculately. I feel that they should truly make more music like this and maybe they will one day, but right now, I think they did a wonderful job with what they had...

7:  "Breaking Free" by: Skillet

Skillet was one of my first introductions to Christian hard rock. A truly passionate and deep band that has always spoken to me in my darkest times. I forget who exactly introduced me to their music, however it may have been a mix of my bestie, Savvy and my close friend, Mandie. For many years, this band has written lyrics and tuns that I've always connected to. "Rebirthing", "The Last Night", "Falling Inside the Black", "Whispers in the Dark", "Open Wounds", "Saviour", "Forsaken", "Hero", "Monster", "Forgiven", "Never Surrender", "Dead Inside", "Would it Matter?", "Rise", "Circus For a Psycho", "American Noise", "Salvation", "Freakshow", "I Want to Live", "Stars", "The Resistance" and "Out of Hell" are only a few of my many favourites by this amazing band.

And like many of their beautiful music, "Breaking Free" truly was inspiring and encouraging to my soul. Freedom from darkness or perhaps abuse is a focal point of the lyrics. Whatever the message it still has to do with freedom. When I listen to it, it makes me feel stronger, more courageous and able to break free from any chain through Jesus Christ. Whether the chain be abuse, depression, fear, opinions, or whatever; it shines the light of hope into that darkness... "I will break, breaking free, coming alive. I broke these chains, never be afraid; Never be afraid to live my life. Break, breaking free on last time. No matter what they say I will never change And I know I can break. Break; I will break! I will break! Look, out I'm breaking free. Breaking, breaking; This is freedom; this is freedom. I am breaking free!"

6: "Secret Weapon" by: Disciple

Same as Skillet, Disciple was yet another one of my first introductions to my love for hard rock. Their war-march-styled rock brought courage to my life and helped me through my most fearful moments. My favourite albums being Attack, Horseshoes & Handgrenades, Long Live the Rebels, O God Save Us All, Scars Remain, and Vultures. I always enjoyed listening to it to inspire my writings and character biographies, and help me build my world. Not only this, but also to help build my own self through the lessons and verses they sang in their songs.

"Secret Weapon" was no different. The lyrics in the song spoke on what my faith truly means to me. The message within it was perseverance through persecution for our faith. "Break me down and bury my face I'm a time-bomb ready to detonate Leave me in ashes I'll rise up in flames You can knock me out Destroy my name But my power it comes from a higher place And my weaknesses just make me stronger My weaknesses will make me stronger"

5: "Foreigner" by: Ledger

It was quite easy to find LEDGER as she is the drummer for Skillet. She started her own project and it was a beautiful combination of electronic, rock and pop. Quite refreshing after all the hard rock I've listened to. Her style, at least to me, was unique and beautiful and as there hasn't been much made, my favourite songs are few... "Warrior", "Foreigner", "Not Dead Yet", and "Bold". Listening to these songs was therapeutic, and calming.

"Foreigner" was my top favourite. The lyrics being a sober tune with childhood rhymes mixed in was a creative way of writing the verse in my opinion. I especially enjoyed the lyrics: "Τhe feast is set before me Αnd the plates are platinum Βut all I taste is ashes and my lips are turning numb Τhe smiles in the beauty and the promises Ι see Glοry, hallelujah never said it came fοr free Ring arοund the roses Ι see through yοur poses Αshes tο ashes Ιt all comes falling dοwn Ι thought I would belong right here When Ι was younger Βut there's something in the atmοsphere Whispers οf wοnder"

4: "Lifeline" by: Thousand Foot Krutch

Another band that influenced my love for Christian hard and alternative rock was Thousand Foot Krutch. For a long time it was tied in first place with Skillet, before I was introduced to Memphis May Fire and Wolves at the Gate. It is truly impossible to list the many songs I've enjoyed most so I might as well list by albums because they are one of those bands where I love all the songs in each of their albums. The End is Where We Begin, Oxygen; Inhale, Exhale, The Flame in All of Us, Metamorphosiz: The End Remixes Vol. 1 & 2, and Welcome to the Masquerade albums have always been a favourite and every year they make another album it is better than the one before...

And like many of their songs, "Lifeline" truly helped me cope with my anger, depression and anxiety. It's helped me to acknowledge that I don't have to be perfect or to fake my way and it's okay to express weakness. It gave me the opportunity to be honest about where I was emotionally, in which I have had struggled to be for a very long time. Having that chance to sing it out and express that yes; "When I get angry, I feel weak; And hear these voices in my head; Telling me to fall beneath. 'Cause they'll make everything okay. How did I get here? Everything's unclear. I never meant to cause you pain. Give me a reason I can believe in. I need it all this time. Send me a lifeline" Because it is truly okay to ask for help. It's okay to show weakness. It's okay to struggle.

3: "Virus" by: Memphis May Fire

Where do I begin? Memphis May Fire truly, truly struck close to home and I love their music mainly because I don't feel so alone when I listen their songs like "Beneath the Skin", "Sleepless Nights", "That's Just Life", "Live it Well", "Letting Go", "Live Another Day", "Heavy is the Weight." I truly enjoyed the melodic metalcore style of their music but most of all, I loved his passion and convicting lyrics that encouraged you to seek Christ and to remain alive even throughout suicidal thoughts.

"Virus" was very nearly the same and came across as the emotions that came with toxic relationships. It helped me specifically when I had to cut off or cope with the emotions after cutting off a toxic relationship. It was rough but it put words in my own mouth and that was something important to me... "Virus! Your make me question if I want it to exist You were the venom in my veins But now I see the truth The enemy was you That time will come but not today Because I know When I fight I remember why I'm still alive I'm holding onto what is left inside Cause you're just a virus and I didn't come here to die."

2: "Kick the Habit" by: Eleventyseven

I started listening to Eleventyseven when my close friend, Mandie introduced me to it. Eleventyseven started their band in my home county. Their music always inspired me. "Appalachian Wine", "Give it up", "Divers in a Hurricane", "And I'm a Mormon", "Book of Secrets" "Trying" and " Like You Rock" are only a few favourite songs by them. After a while they stopped putting out albums while the head singer formed a new project The Jellyrox. He put out "Embellish EP", "Heta Himlen", and "Bang & Whimper" and we didn't get anything from Elventyseven until... 2017. This song was one of the first I heard on the album. And it was instantly my favourite song. As is well known about me, I am a recovery warrior. This song is like telling the story of recovery, which is why I so love this song.

"I should know by now when I'm kicking the habit; The habit kicks back" this line has reminded me to not be so hard on myself when quitting an addiction. It's hard to kick a habit as it is. When you fight, it'll return a punch. That's why when letting go of things like that, you have to be forgiving of yourself when you fail. Because it is simply a lesson to what doesn't work, and all we have to do is aim for it again. I know it can be discouraging when the addiction kicks back, but my advice to everyone-- including myself-- is to remember that you may have been knocked down, but you're not out... Take this time to strike another blow. Which is the message I heard in the song, I dunno, maybe I read too much into it, but that's alright.

1: "Grave Digger" by: Wolves at the Gates

Many years ago, my friend Mandie, introduced me to the wonderful world of Metalcore. By giving me the song, "Safeguards" by Wolves at the Gate. For many years, the lovely melodic intensity of their particularly unique style in metalcore made Wolves at the Gate one of my new top two favourite bands. And that hasn't changed in these past 5 years. Their eccentric and uplifting sound and message still resonates in the songs. And I will always enjoy that. My favourites by them through the years are "Safeguards", "Slaves", "Man of Sorrows", "The Bird and the Snake", "The Father's Bargain", "Oh the Depths", "Lowly", and finally the song, above, "Grave Digger"

"And a haunting voice demands and craves (That in its depths a body lays) I feel its cry inside my soul (That I could never fill this hole) My work and toil leave only room (For coffins, graves, and deathly tombs)" I find this line one of the most moving lyrics I have ever heard. The depth of it and honesty is very heartfelt. When I first listened to it, I was stirred to the core. I knew how it felt because I've felt it in my recovery, I felt it in my faith. But in the end of the song, after all those earth-shaking verses, they added hope in it ; "How wondrous the sight that had caused these eyes to weep All of my death and hell You would bear and reap Though all that I made was a terrible cold grave In death there You laid, for You took my place to save my soul"

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